Zaterdag 27 april  
v.a. 13.30 uur Koningsdag
Zondag 28 april  
13.00 uur Handboogschieten vanaf 8 jaar, opgeven bij de receptie
Maandag 29 april  
11.00 uur Familieactiviteit: GPS wandeling (U betaalt borg voor het GPS-apparaat)
Woensdag 1 mei  
11.00 uur Huifkartocht, opgeven bij de receptie
Donderdag 2 mei  
11.00 uur Jeu de boules
Vrijdag 3 mei  
11.00 uur Creatieve activiteit
  • Camping

    Camping in South Limburg can be done in many ways, but heavenly? You can only do that with us! In the heart of the green hills of Limburg hills you will find Family camping & Recreation park ’t Hemelke, in the picturesque Hulsberg. Read More
  • Playful & Sporty

    Attention sport and game lovers! Our own recreation team is surprisingly original, each day various activities are planned, including activities in the swimming pool. For example, water basketball, jeans hanging, disco swimming, a triathlon. Read More
  • Surroundings

    South Limburg is a well known place for people who seek peace and quietness, you can find it in the untouched nature, our rich history and culture. This welcoming land without borders is also known for its sociability, traditions and enjoying life. Read More
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